Article 13
This Agreement shall not apply to spirit drinks:

a) which are in transit through the territory of one of the Contracting Parties; or
b) which originate in the territory of one of the Contracting Parties and are consigned in small quantities between them.

The following shall be considered to be small quantities:

a) quantities of spirit drinks not exceeding 10 liters per traveler contained in traveler’s personal baggage;
b) quantities of spirit drinks not exceeding 10 liters forming part of consignments from one individual to another;
c) spirit drinks forming part of the household effects of individuals moving house;
d) up to one hectoliter of spirit drinks imported for conducting scientific and technical experiments;
e)spirit drinks imported as part of the duty-free allowances of diplomatic missions, consular posts and assimilated bodies; and
f) spirit drinks which form part of the supplies carried on board international means of transport.

Article 14
1. The Contracting Parties shall each designate the bodies to be responsible for the enforcement of this Agreement.
2. The Contracting Parties shall inform one another of the name and address of said bodies not later than two months after this Agreement comes into force. There shall be close and direct cooperation between said bodies.

Article 15
1. If one of the bodies referred to in Article 14 has reason to suspect that:

a) a spirit drink as defined in Article 2, being or having been traded between the United Mexican States and the Community, does not comply with this Agreement or Community or Mexican legislation applicable spirit drinks;
b) this non-compliance is of particular interest to the other Contracting Party and could result in administrative measures or legal proceedings being taken, that body shall immediately inform the Commission and the relevant body or bodies of the other Contracting Party.

2. Information to be provided in accordance with paragraph 1 shall be accompanied by official, commercial or other appropriate documents, as well as an indication of what administrative measures or legal proceedings may, if necessary, be taken. The information shall include, in particular, the following details of the spirit drink concerned:

a) the producer and the person who stocks the spirit drink;
b) the composition of that drink;
c) the description and presentation; and

d) details of non-compliance with the rules concerning production and marketing.