Article 16
1.The Contracting Parties shall enter into consultations if one of them considers that the other has failed to fulfill an obligation under this Agreement.
2. The Contracting Party who requests the consultations shall provide the other Party with the information necessary for a detailed examination of the case in question.
3. In cases where any delay could endanger human health or impair the effectiveness of measures to control fraud, interim protective measures may be taken, without prior consultation, provided that consultations are held immediately after the taking of these measures.
4. If, following the consultations provided for in paragraphs 1 and 3, the Contracting Parties have not reached an agreement; the Party who requested the consultations or took the measures referred to in paragraph 3 may take appropriate protective measures so as to permit the proper application of this Agreement.

Article 17
A Joint Committe shall be established, consisting of representatives of the Community and of the United Mexican States. It shall meet at the request of one of the Contracting Parties and in accordance with the requirements for implementing the Agreement alternately in the Community and in the United Mexican States. The Joint Committee shall ensure the proper functioning of this Agreement and shall examine all questions which may arise in implementing it. In particular, the Joint Committee may make recommendations which would contribute to the attainment of the objectives of this Agreement.

Article 18
1. The Contracting Parties may by mutual consent amend this Agreement in order to enhance the level of cooperation in the spirit drink sector.
2. Where the legislation of one of the Contracting Parties is amended to protect designations othen than those listed in the Annexes to this Agreement, these designations shall be included, within a reasonable length of time, following conclusion of the consultations.

Article 19
1. Spirit drinks which, at the time of entry into force of this Agreement, have been legally produced, designated and presented, but which are prohibited by this Agreement, may be marketed by wholesalers for a period of one year from the entry into force of this Agreement and by retailers until stocks are exhausted. From the entry into force of the Agreement, spirit drinks included therein may no longer be produced outside the limits of their regions of origin.

2. Spirit drinks produced, designated and presented in accordance with this Agreement when they are marketed but whose description and presentation ceased to conform to this Agreement following an amendment thereto may be marketed until stocks are exhausted unless otherwise agreed by the Contracting Parties.

United Mexican States.